About me

An RTI(Right to Information) enthusiast.
Keen to understand international and diplomatic affairs.
My posts are my own interpretations.
I neither endorse nor criticise anyone on this platform. I am apolitical and continue to remain the same.
I support internet freedom if not interpreted in a wrong way.

Let’s be in touch
I am glad to stay in touch with each reader. There shall be a one or two interactions every fortnight.

#I always love to debate and therefore writing this blog. I love to see your contradictions in comments.
#All comments are moderated before they appear on this platform.
#Moderation is done in lines with the interests of all readers.
#You cannot show your anger or abuse over your fellow readers.

#All my writings- No copyrights infringement.
#All media uploads : sources-Internet Search Engines. Copyrights are with respective owners. They are shared only for information.

>>akhil neelam

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