2014: A Quick Look Back

#2014 is a year of challenges and reforms.
Here is a quick look back of events in which some marked reforms and others presented challenges.
Top Five of such events in our 365 days long journey :
General Elections : Narendra Modi is the star of the election year. This election is the biggest event in the history of India and has the potential to be for a better India. The agenda of development made citizens vote for a majority and powerful Government at the centre. Rise of Narendra Modi costs Indian National Congress’ ever seen poll debacle. Other old parties of Jantha Parivar fought the election with same old communal politics which yielded only a loss.

Diplomacy Redefined : Narendra Modi redefined Diplomacy after he assumed office. He invited all SAARC leaders to New Delhi for the swearing-in function advocating the “Neighbours First” policy.

PM with Chinese counterpart
PM with Chinese counterpart

Be it Madison square or AllPhones arena, he defined the rockstar concert style. 2015 begins with a high node as US president Barack Obama will be in capital to watch Republic Day parade. The year also presented some challenges like border tensions with Pakistan and China.

Let’s see how our PM grabs an opportunity to resolve border conflicts.

Industry sentiments at new high :  Markets have surged to all time high in the year 2014. Industry sentiments are on the rise. Investors are bullish over Indian markets. The new Govt. is still trying hard to promote the ease of doing business in this country. Therefore Achchhe Din continues to come for markets in 2015 too.

Extremism : India has witnessed less less terror disturbances last year though Bengaluru and Burdwan blasts signal the presence of terrorist groups. The infiltration of terrorists from Pakistan continued last year only with the aid of Pakistani rangers. The recent Peshawar carnage is a cowardly act, alarmed all world nations the need to fight terror together.

Safety for women : Crimes against women and children did not get enough attention from the government last year. A cab driver from Uber indulged in a shameless act which led to the ban of Uber. Later the ban was lifted with new regulations in place. Kerala being the most literate state tops in sexual assaults against children. This is the most serious and an alarming issue which still awaits a strong law. download

You may join the discussion on women safety here : http://www.fb.com/stoptheblameindia



Final Touch : Don’t get too emotional with #NewYearResolutions.

Happy new year.

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