Being socially active is my responsibility

is the feel that made me stay close to current happenings. The extent it goes is beyond planets.

2014, the election year came to an end. I see this year as an opportunity for youth of my age to step forward in the social arena. All recent developments in the election year embarked on their role in nation’s building.

Social media was the key driver but I bet it cannot provide insights of an issue and so a blog like this can help you get through very specifics of the issue.

My views are personal and I do not endorse anybody here.

Discussion is always welcome.





4 thoughts on “WHAT MADE ME WRITE THIS

  1. There is a rapid change in the monetary cycles in India , we are becoming more and more capitalistic , new investments are mushrooming into every sector and the statistics show a sharp rise in the research sector…. but brain drain is the issue to be tackled in a very efficient way , we are losing the cream , so even though there is an increase in opportunities in the corporate sector … we lack the skill to tame the bull..

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